A Pattern Comeback

We as homeowners have grown accustom to the neutral beige and gray carpet flooring for the past couple of decades, but would they have thought that the trend nowadays is patterned carpet?

Don't let the word “pattern” frighten you, as these patterns may be as subtle as a variety of loops and different pile cuts with the same color, or a brightly contrasting pattern that brings your interest below eye level. Stanton Carpet is known for their diverse range of patterned carpets that have been booming in today's residential and commercial spaces. It adds dimension to the space and adds more of an interest to a room than your only focus pertaining to everything above your feet. Experiment with colors other than brown tones to brighten up the space for the summer! It will not only give more of an importance to the floor, but compliment the style of the room in a bolder way.

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