Dogs, a Businesses Best Friend

“ Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains un-awakened.” ­ Anatole France

How could one not love a furry face eager to give you kisses and sit in your lap?! The staff at Gotcha Covered has a soft spot for our four legged friends. So much so that the majority of our staff has at least one dog, if not more. With that in mind, you can imagine our excitement this last week when one of our owners, Kelli Fowler, brought in her pup for the day.

Boris, a mischievous Tibetan Terrier, spent the day talking to staff and clients alike, making every attempt to sit in laps, and just generally enjoying being spoiled by everyone. It was an absolute treat to have him! What’s great about Gotcha Covered is Boris isn't the only dog we entertain. It's not uncommon for dogs to bring in their owners in hopes of being spoiled, getting treats, etc. So we would love to invite you and your four legged best friend in sometime, we’ll swoon over the pup and have fun helping you make your dream home a reality!

Doggie dog day