Watch out chrome, oil rubbed bronze, and (shutter) brass, there's a new color in town and winter's gold is going to blow your design mind!


Winter Gold is the latest and greatest introduction to the finish world and it's making a ton of noise. The color itself is a mixture of chrome and brass with a muted finish. This combination allows it to work with both gray and beige colors!

Have a desire for an update without going the full on high fashion of rose gold? Winter gold is a beautiful alternative with a classic elegant touch.

Interested in updating your old brass light fixtures, but don't want to switch them out all at once? A winter gold light is a great way to update as you go, and this color ties in well with brass and/or chrome alike so you can update as you go without looking mismatched.

We've used this finish in a number of our remodels for clients, and get raved reviews on it's versatility with other fixture colors and a variety of paint colors.

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