Renovating made easy… and wait for it… Fun!

We've all had those times where we begin to notice a change in our home, somehow and what seems like in a blink of an eye, that new beautiful design we modeled our kitchen after starts to seem dated. We start to wonder when did that shag green carpet in the living room become uncool or why does it seem like my neighbors look at my kitchen like it was brought through a Delorean? Well if you are anything like me you put off that updating for several reasons but mainly the hassle and stress of it seems too daunting to deal with. Renovating should be fun, exciting, and most of all free of stress! Let's take a look at some ways you can make renovating your home just that.

  1. Get that dreaming started

People forget that one of the most important things about renovating is the planning and dreaming that should always start the process! In this case Pinterest is your friend (other cases like when it shows you a workout and then a decadent dessert recipe next to each other it's a nemesis),pin those ideas to your hearts content! Take pictures of your current room and go to your nearest design center and play with the product, Gotcha Covered is always excited to dream with you (wink wink). It's fun to put together tile, next to counter top, and cabinet style. Play and have fun!

  1. Pick the perfect Interior Designer

Next, meet new designers and make new friends. Designers are a breed unto their own, with creativity in spades and usually fun creative kids at heart, the right designer for you will just as likely become one of your best friends as they will help make your dream a reality. So choose wisely, make sure that your communication styles align and that they can clearly see and understand your general vision. The best designer will be able to take you that extra step further from your pinterest page by giving you the latest and greatest all while making sure that you stay within your allotted budget (you heard correct they manage the budgeting!). The best part is if you have a designer at a design center that you get the product from they typically don't charge extra for their time. Wait what did you say free consultations and a built in accountant? Why yes, yes I did. You can thank me with coffee and pretty Kate Spade office supplies.

  1. Measure, Measure, and Measure again

Now lets get this party started, after you've had a chance to dream and play you will want to get the space measured. Most design retailers will have someone on staff that can measure, and if they are installing they will insist on completing the measure themselves, this is a load off your back-splash so to speak (couldn't resist), but if you are a DIY Queen or King and want to complete the install yourself you can measure and give your retailer the amounts to order. Once measurements are complete this is when your designer may come back and confirm you are still within budget and if not take you back to previous dream step and repeat.

  1. The waiting game

This is, at least for me, the hardest part of the process and that's waiting for the product to arrive. Although during this time your room will be in the process of getting prepped which can be fun in and of itself. If you are doing it think of this as some aggression therapy. Turn on that loud music and get to tearing, removing, and throwing stuff around. If someone else is handling it, might I suggest a lawn chair and a nice long island ice tea in the next room over as you watch the fun, maybe offer none alcoholic ice tea for the folks wielding the heavy machinery though. You know cause gravity and oh and liability.

  1. Bring it all together now

The dreaming happened, the Designer is doing their work, the measurements are complete, and your room is as bare as a babies bottom. Let the final (and best part) commence. If you are doing the install again turn on that fun (maybe less angry) music, pop on those gym shorts, and enjoy some old fashion manual labor. If you have someone else installing, repeat step from the tear out, again sans alcohol for the installers, grouting tile and tequila shots don't typically mix.

  1. Gloat and Enjoy

Make sure once it's all said and done that you throw a big party, and show off to your friends and neighbors! Warning: renovating is addictive and may cause you to have a beautiful home and be the envy of all your friends.


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