Spring is in the air!

Spring_in_the_airThis is the time of year to freshen up things at home, a good place to start is with a fresh coat of paint! I know that paint color you've been living with for the past 10 years feels as comfortable as a comfy old pair of denim jeans, but it's time to shake off the Latte, Shaker Beige, & Wicker Basket colors of yesterday. Move it over too cool neutral grays with colors like P&L's Windham, Trout or Half Tone. If going to cool scares us warm color toned creatures, you can ease into the change by trying "greige" colors that combine both warm & cool tones. Some of my favorite colors are Sivler Mink, Dawn Mist & Shadow Beige.

So let's get moving, throw down those drop cloths, pick up that roller & start repainting, you'll be glad you did!